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The benefit of using titanium cell chemistry is that it has been commercially available since 2005 at what used to be a pricetag of €1000/kWh. Through the years, several testing bodies, companies, and technical universities such as TU Delft and Aalborg University have confirmed the fantastic properties and longevity of the low-voltage titanium cell and negligible SEI barrier degradation. The futuristic battery management system and optimized battery design allow Zenon Energy to offer a complete battery solution with a stellar track record at a price level competitive with other chemistries. 


Truly simple storage warranty

Energy storage can be difficult to guarantee as there are many technical aspects. Through the database of real-world and laboratory testing of the SuperTitan battery, Zenon Energy offers a market-leading warranty for your peace of mind. On a like-for-like comparison, the guarantee of Zenon is a massive improvement of what is typical on the market including a dedicated Warranty Reserve Fund protected by the European deposit guarantee scheme (DGS) adopted by the EU 2014/49/EU. 

  • Usable capacity = how much of the battery can be used daily
  • Energy throughput = how many kWh can be stored and discharged through the battery
  • Degradation = how much battery capacity is lost due to aging and usage
  • kWh warrantied = how much kWh is used under warranty if the battery is cycled daily


Other manufacturers

  • 80% usable
  • 3.0MWh throughput
  • 40% degradation
  • 1920kWh warrantied

Zenon Standard

  • 100% usable
  • 5.5MWh throughput
  • 10% degradation
  • 3470kWh warrantied

Zenon Gold       

  • 100% usable
  • 7.3MWh throughput
  • 20% degradation
  • 4931kWh warrantied

Zenon Platinum

  • 100% usable
  • 9.1MWh throughput
  • 25% degradation
  • 6392kWh warrantied

BV inspection report

Quality from start to storage

Quality control starts at the procurement and supplier due diligence. Bureau Veritas and SGS are used to inspect components before they are shipped to the Zenon Energy factories to be assembled and used for future grid storage.