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We work with our partners to streamline project plans that don’t just deliver

We work with our partners that specialize in the task that is required. Some extra services are sometimes required for project planning, execution, or delivery and incur additional costs. 


Going the extra mile


The diverse mobile, satellite, or specialized internet connectivity systems can be installed and managed.


Connect your system alarms and alerts to a 24/7 staffed monitoring hub in the UK to be alerted of downtimes up to 90% faster.

Data storage

Store granular datasets with cloud and physical copies and receive quarterly reports on system uptimes, performance, and usability improvements.

Performance Monitoring

Includes data storage and analytics, incident monitoring package, and dedicated Zenon Energy account manager.

Design and Consulting

Upfront consulting and design from Zenon Energy can reduce project costs and complexity by over 20%. The no-cure no-pay principle applies for consultation and fees are credited against a Zenon Energy order.


Whether annual inspections to all-inclusive maintenance packages, we can appoint, manage, and monitor technical maintenance.


Transport through air, land, or sea, can sometimes be difficult but is accomplished through our specialized logistic and freight partner.

Expedited Delivery

Expedited options exist to speed up delivery.