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Zenon Energy Shareholders

Investor Profiles

The company has a mixed age team backed by experienced investors that have decades of executive experience in companies like American Tower, Sunrun, and Saudi Aramco. Our investors recognized the potential disruption of Zenon Energy and provide sound advice and governance to the company.

The shareholders of Zenon Energy recognize not only the climate challenges and race to sustainable energy but also value the ambition and passion of the participating team. For more information on the company structure and potentially reserving a seat in future rounds, please contact us at



Battery energy storage is a booming market.

$ 0B Market size* *2021
0% Market growth rate* *2021-2030 Global Market Insights


Zenon Energy Europe B.V.

Zenon Energy Europe B.V.’s (the “Company”) is a privately-owned company located in the Netherlands focusing on longer lifetime and more reliable energy storage. The products behind Zenon were invented by the young team of energy engineers that have been developing energy projects for the likes of Saudi Aramco, Port of Rotterdam, and many others since 2016 and are now commercializing the technology developed over the last 5 years.

In August 2021, Zenon Energy opened the headquarters at IPKW business park in Arnhem with the support of both the regional development companies of the Netherlands called the NOM and OostNL. This move is a positive development to bring the skill and production of Zenon Energy systems to the Netherlands as a hub for European projects and global exports as well as consolidating the business units under the holding structure.

Zenon Energy most recently closed a private financing round with one of the richest families in Sweden known for their role in other companies such as Tele2, Zalando, Global Fashion Group, and Babylon Health.

Company type Besloten Vennootschap
Company number 82480664
Founded 6 April 2021
RSIN 862487109
Universal Entity Code 5400-7140-0356-4688
Last updated Monday, April 12, 2021 11:33:10 PM UTC
Official Address Westervoortsedijk 73-DC, IPKW, 6827AV, Arnhem, Netherlands

Total paid-up shares: 1,221,056

Total number of shareholders: 10

Interested? Please contact






Being authentic is possible by being honest, kind, and sincere.


The environment is something that we cherish and strive to protect.


We give back by uplifting the local community.


Ambition is what inspires Zenon Energy every day to shape the future.

Zenon Energy Europe B.V.
KvK: 82480664