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Zenon Energy tries to simplify the process of sizing, building, and using energy storage systems. Sometimes you might have an extra question that we post here.

Zenon Energy believes that the business case is the first step to viable energy storage. Compared with any other technology, our systems last the longest and offer the lowest cost per kWh over the same lifetime as a typical solar panel. The global push to “go green” will cause energy prices to increase and will increase the energy storage profitability even more.

Zenon Energy is a renewable energy technology company that manufactures storage systems out of our own technology platform just like competitor giants like Tesla and Fluence.

Our cell chemistry is a lithium-type battery with a titanium-based anode commercially available in Asian markets since 2005. The cell chemistry is economically viable due to recent large-format cylindrical cell manufacturing breakthroughs.

This question is caused by technology cycles being artificially shortened in a process called planned obsolescence. The fact is that the Zenon storage system has a guaranteed payback due to the lifetime being substantially longer, in addition to having software that can be updated to stay technologically compatible with future systems.

There is definitely a push to make energy storage systems last longer and some emerging technologies such as flow batteries, compressed air, and hydrogen is being developed. However, these technologies are not commercially attractive and have considerable risk, whereas the titanium cell has over 16 years of field data and tests.

The Warranty Reserve Fund is a trustee that manages assets on behalf of the warranty beneficiaries on a ratio of outstanding liabilities, protected by the European deposit guarantee scheme (DGS) adopted by the EU 2014/49/EU.

Our company headquarters is in the Netherlands, a manufacturing base in South Africa, and employees are located across the world as part of the remote-work culture that has emerged through the Covid-19 pandemic.

The principle of discount is based on bilateral compromise. Are you willing to wait a few weeks longer, provide better payment terms, or batch order?

Zenon Energy is no stranger to energy storage and has designed a partly robotized assembly line with Bureau Veritas inspections of components to ensure holistic quality control.